Friday Bonus Music Break

Fofo-born Shokanti released a video this week in celebration of Cape Verdean Independence (slipping in those famous words by Amílcar Cabral at the very end). Above. You’ve noticed our blogging went into holiday mode but there’s always time for music. So 9 more below. Brazilian Kamau’s 21/12 finally gets a video; not surprisingly it’s another tribute to skate life:

Warongx (from Khayelitsha) live at Tagoras (Observatory, Cape Town; H/T Sixgun Gospel):

Ghana pop for northern summers. 5Five’s ‘Bossu Kena’:

And some Pan-African pop from Ruff N Smooth:

There seems to exist a standard script for how to record a music video as a diaspora artist on a visit somewhere on the continent (in this case, Abidjan), as Soprano and R.E.D.K. confirm:

And so do Sexion D’Assaut.

Neneh Cherry knows her MF Doom classics (H/T Sarah):

Cameroonian Jovi throws Tabu Ley Rochereau’s ‘Pitié’ in the mix:

True, Youssoupha did that better.

A remix from a different kind: Brussels-based débruit “sampling lost African VHS and reinterpreting discovered African melodies and rhythms.” Seriously though, his music is a lot more exciting than the selling line suggests:

And lastly, via Ricci, “Senegal’s political hip hop for effect”. Red Black:

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