Gaddafi Archives at the London Photography Festival

Queen Elizabeth II with King Idris, the Duke of Edinburgh in Tobruk May 1954 with British military official (Courtesy of Peter Bouckaert/Human Rights Watch)

The ‘Gaddafi Archives – Libya Before the Arab Spring’, which opened this week at the London Festival of Photography is an embarrassment of riches. This exhibition of images recovered from the remains of Gaddafi’s archives and rephotographed by a team assembled by Human Rights Watch, opened yesterday at UCL. The first three rooms document official life in Libya from reign of King Idris and then, after the military coup in 1969, extensive images of the five decades of Gaddafi’s rule, including encounters with other leaders, from Nasser to Yasser Arafat, which give some suggestion of the complexion of Libya’s recent diplomatic history. Continue reading