Stealing into Canada under the cover of whiteness

By Melissa Levin

It was in Yeoville sometime in the 1990s that a ‘spook’ from South Africa’s now ruling party, the ANC, with whom I was acquainted began asking me questions about my father.  My family had migrated to Canada, which he knew, and he was asking questions like, “when,” and “was your dad ever in the SADF (the apartheid army)?” and “what does your dad do?”  It seemed rather odd to me (but then spies of any ideological persuasion are) until I picked up a copy of the weekly Mail & Guardian (I cant recall whether it was still known as the Weekly Mail).  And there, in black and white, was the answer to my puzzlement.  The paper was reporting on a rather nasty character, Dr Aubrey Levin, who had immigrated to Canada from South Africa.  He was known for his virulent racism and dedicated support to the National Party (as it was the party of Apartheid).  He was also foul in the administration of a technique of aversion therapy to ‘cure’ homosexuals of their ‘deviance.’   Continue reading