My Subjective List of The Best Albums of 2012

No, Somali-Canadian rapper/crooner K’Naan’s “God, Country or the Girl” did not make my list of best albums of 2012. And his post-facto denouncement of its contents in an op-ed in The New York Times (!) has nothing to do with it. With the exception of a cut with Nas (“Nothing to Lose“),┬áK’Naan’s latest is, however, an objective lesson in how not to organize an album. It’s like a potluck dinner for development workers who like music. Too many aging rock star guests (Bono, Keith Richards), trying too hard for the chart-centered pop ballad (e.g. “Is Anybody Out There” with Nelly Furtado) and the “world music” feel of everything (in no fit of irony, he samples Paul Simon on one song). But on to better things. Here’s 10 albums I liked this year; in no particular order.

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