Coup d’Etat is the new Black

It is official at last–what country watchers had been expecting is finally taking place in Guinea Bissau. No, the country is not becoming a municipality in Senegal. There is a coup d’etat unfolding in its capital, Bissau, by the military (apparently just 20 soldiers; just like Mali) against the Prime Minister, Carlos Gomes Jr., who was favored to win an upcoming presidential run-off in April in which he would have been the sole candidate as his opponent announced he planned to boycott the vote (now that was a mouthful). I am sure the average person googling “Guinea-Bissau” is by now wondering what I am rambling about … what is a Guinea-Bissau? I am glad you asked. Before the foreign and diaspora die-hards of Guinea Bissau get into a media music or cultural war of words, I thought it would be helpful to provide some base information about the country to novices here. In the spirit of brevity and over-simplification, here are ten (10) facts you should know about Guinea Bissau before it becomes the new “capital” of Africa for the next month or so it takes for ECOWAS to take action and resolve the crisis there (Hint: Drug trafficking is not mentioned below).

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