Launching Football is a Country

405974_408165052595730_907722558_nFor a while we’ve dabbled with sports blogging on Africa is a Country; i.e. pieces on John TerryDidier Drogba, black jockeys and, now and again, when we’ve compiled one of our beloved lists. But now we’ve decided to try to up the ante and today we’re launching (with not much fanfare since we still need to convince you about how excellent this will all be, but drumroll please …) a new page on the site: Football is a Country. Once we relaunch with a new design (coming sooner than you think, promise) it will be better organized. The big idea behind the page is to present a more global, postcolonial (for want for a better word) take on world football. The main focus of the page for the foreseeable future will be African football. What that means is quite broad — both the categories of “African” and “football” will be pretty elastic.

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