What, dear readers, are your most cherished Ramadan meals and traditions?

Saturday Iftaar (Photo by Asim Bharwani)

It’s that time of year once more – Ramadan Kareem all! Last Ramadan I reminisced about my favourite sights and sounds in Egypt during our annual period of fasting and self-reflection. This year, food is on my mind. Particularly my favourite, much beloved dishes from Egypt, historically at the center of trade routes between Africa and Asia. This has produced unique and very popular cuisines with elements from many other regions. I’m leaving the basics out – hummus, baba ghanoush, couscous, falafel, stuffed grape leaves (warak ainab), and anything consisting nearly entirely of za’tar and olive oil – in order to really highlight the diversity of food that has accompanied this nation’s diversity of people. Some of you, especially from parts of East and West Africa, may recognize these dishes by other names. Continue reading