The new type of Senegalese

Just in case you were busy being distracted by Kony2012 or the rising sales of Hoodies, I am pleased to inform you that after their 25 March 2012 election, the people of Senegal voted for the removal of Abdoulaye Wade, and his son Karim Wade (better known as Wade&Wade). In a twist of fates, a former protégée of Mr. Wade, Macky Sall, who had a falling out with Mr. Wade for wanting accountability from Karim over corrupt governmental expenditures has been elected President. Some foreign correspondents (on Twitter) have suggested that Mr. Wade be awarded the Mo Ibrahim Prize (given to former African presidents) for accepting defeat gracefully and peacefully. One might be prone to join the bandwagon if one thought that six people being killed, multiple people being injured and arrested, the Constitution and Constitutional Court being manipulated, and supporters of opposition being intimidated can be counted as “peaceful and graceful”. That said, this is really about one of the major stakeholders that contributed to the ousting of Wade&Wade — Y’en A Marre.

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