5 New Films to Watch, N°26

Kicking off this week and running until the 26th of May, the fifth edition of Festival Cinéma Arabe will take place in The Netherlands (in the cities of Rotterdam, Den Haag, Maastricht, Den Bosch and Utrecht). With more than 30 feature films, documentaries and short films by international filmmakers with an Arab background, the festival presents an overview of contemporary film production from countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, but also Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, etc. The festival hopes to portray “the current developments in the Arab world” so there’s no way of getting around films and documentaries “clarify(ing) what the demonstrations and revolutions have meant for the people there and how the Arab Spring has brought about undeniable change”, as the programme has it. A second theme running through the festival’s schedule is the perception in the West about the Arab world, and vice versa. The festival has an impressive line-up. Below are some films set in North Africa — a selection of those we haven’t mentioned here on the blog before: Continue reading