Tendai Maraire (of Shabazz Palaces) breaks down new mixtape

Tendai Maraire (Photo @ Ben Irwin)

“This is an African Hip-Hop movement.” Seattle-based Zimbabwean Tendai Maraire aka¬†Fly guy Dai (one half of Shabazz Palaces duo) sounds adamant. And he has the digital mixtape to prove it. On ‘Pungwe’, Maraire “not so much brings African music to hip-hop, but rather strips back the facade of modern hip-hop to show the African roots that were always there” (according to the press release). Wanting to know more, and already warmed up to the demo by Chief Boima’s mixtape of the mixtape, we asked him to break down the tape track by track. Play it while you read Maraire’s notes. First, the cover of the mixtape: Continue reading