Arise Fashion Week

Pillbox hats are back! What else, besides a nouvelle variation of the old-school “Turkish” headgear, is in style at Arise Magazine’s 2012 fashion week in Lagos? After a drive through Victoria Island to get there, passing massive signs advertising “JESUS”, golden highrises and tattler headlines blaring “BOKO HARAM’S PLOT TO ATTACK SOUTH UNCOVERED,” we’re treated to waterfalls of fabric accentuating the lively flows of a woman’s walk, necklines wider (and going deeper) than a duck’s wake, and enough flash to invite comments about how ‘colorful’ Africans can be.¬†Even from a distance, we can see the cut and construction is far superior to anything Gwen Stefani might attempt with “African” fabric.¬†Here’s hoping that one day, AIAC is invited to the front row!