The 10 Greatest Sporting Moments of 2012

1399301_M01Next year we hope Nigerian super-pastor T.B. Joshua will let us know what 2013’s top 10 sporting moments will be well ahead of time (we’ll be starting our dedicated sports page “Football is a Country” in the new year and if Joshua wants to join in he’s more than welcome). While professional TV pundits cautiously offer that “whoever scores first has a great chance of winning” and other such banalities, and Gary Neville has recently been praised for his detailed dissection of defensive errors, all that is small fry for T.B. Joshua, who has the distinct advantage of being able to watch all major football matches ahead of time in the company of God the Father (that link shows him supposedly prophesying Zambia’s African Cup of Nations win). Just a shame he couldn’t be bothered with the Olympics. Here’s our rundown of 10 great moments in African sport from the year just past. Continue reading