Africana Endless Summer Series in Washington, DC

It’s starting to get sticky in Washington DC and that means it’s time for music to migrate from the nightclub to the street. To bring people together in the name of celebrating African music and dance from across the continent and the Diaspora, Beshou Gedamu, organizer of DC’s Sonic Diaspora music parties, devised the Africana Endless Summer series. The series, which kicks off this Sunday, May 12th, is a biweekly coalescing of sonic souls that features some incredible DJs, including AIAC’s own Chief Boima. We asked Beshou to tell us about the new event and the state of the African dance music scene in DC:

Pitch us the Africana Endless Summer Series?

Beshou: Imagine walking into a someone’s backyard, feeling liked you’ve been transported to the beaches of Cote d’Ivoire, rum punch in hand and being “sonically surprised”. That’s Africana Endless Summer Series.

What was the inspiration for this event?

Every year, I find myself wanting to travel outside of DC to neighboring cities to fulfill my summer experience. I’ve always wanted to organize some sort of block party in DC where people from various backgrounds can connect and listen to some really good music. Sankofa Books and Cafe approached me to do Sonic Diaspora events and that’s how this event was born. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support and I’m excited for Africana Endless Summer Series.

What is unique about the African dance music scene in DC?

I find it to be fascinating and complex. The complexity lies in the fact that there are African parties happening right under your nose in very well known establishments and you may not know about them. Most of them cater to their respective communities (i.e. East or West Africans). The fascinating part is when you walk into one of those events, it’s a different world you didn’t know exists in DC. There are a number of African promoters/event organizers in DC and I’d love to see one inclusive event happen.

Come through if you’re in the area! All details here.


3 thoughts on “Africana Endless Summer Series in Washington, DC

  1. Reblogged this on Brotha Onaci and commented:
    Many thanks to Zach & AIAC for this write-up! Sonic D’s Africana Endless Summer in DC is the place to be. Check it out if you’re in the DC area this summer. Yours truly will be back on the decks on July 21 with my main man, Itzi Nallah!

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