5 New Films to Watch, N°25

The Supreme Price is ambitious both in its scope and its intentions: “Following the annulment of her father’s — Moshood Abiola — victory in Nigeria’s 1993 Presidential Election and her mother’s — Alhaja Kudirat Abiola — assassination by agents of the military dictatorship, Hafsat Abiola faces the challenge of transforming a corrupt culture of governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria’s most marginalized population: women,” plugging her organization along the way. Produced and directed by Joanna Lipper, the film comes with some high-profile backers (MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation/Just Films, ITVS, etc). The extended trailer below was commissioned by Gucci to launch their “global Chime for Change Campaign”. We’ll have to watch it.

A second film to watch out for is Tu seras mon allié (“You will be my ally”) by Cameroonian director Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam (remember her portrait of Congolese artist Freddy Tsimba from a while back). The short tells the story of a woman from Gabon, played by Bwanga Pilipili, who gets stopped at the airport upon her entry to Belgium, and on what happens next. The cast further includes Gael Maleux and Isabelle Anciaux:

The Secret Capital is the second joint production by Mukhtar Shehata and Samuli Schielke — after their “The Other Side“ (2010). Set in Egypt, the question it asks is a complicated one: Was there a revolution? “Two years after the beginning of the January 25 Revolution,” they write, “many Egyptians ask themselves this question. The answer is not to be found on Tahrir Square, but in the villages of countryside, the secret capital of Egypt.” The filmmakers follow the struggles, hopes and frustrations among people from Shehata’s home village who between February 2011 and December 2012 tried to bring the revolution to their village in northern Egypt:

Angolan director Pocas Pascoal’s first feature film Por Aqui Tudo Bem (“All is well”) won the European Union Award at FESPACO earlier this year. Synopsis: “In the late summer of 1980, Alda and her sister Maria, at the age of 16 and 17, arrive in Lisbon to escape the civil war in Angola. Left to themselves, they must learn to survive in a foreign city.”

And The Capacity of Capcity is director Sara Chitambo’s story* on the rise, demise, and “imminent revival” of Pretoria’s hip hop scene. The documentary features interviews with a broad range of key stakeholders, from producers such as Nyambz and Thirteen, to emcees such as Maliq and Damola, and fringe observers such as Hype magazine editor Simone Harris and DJ Kenzhero.

* File this one under “shameless self-promotion” since Ts’eliso helped out with the editing. The film will premiere on 27th April at the Back to the City Festival (Newton, South Africa). For future screening dates, keep an eye on the film’s Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “5 New Films to Watch, N°25

  1. I have not seen the film but I believe the story of the Abiolas in Nigeria must be told so that all conscious minded Africans the world over can see it.When Mashood Abiola died,most of us cried,we felt the pains not only for his loss but the pains of all Nigerians who cried.As an African Descendant from Nigeria it behooves me to stay in touch with my roots so that wherever my comments can make a difference,I would be only too happy to make them.
    Nigeria is paining because the White World does not want a stable and prosperous nation in Africa with such a large population endowed with resources and intellect.
    Do you realize the power Nigeria would yield if it is stable? Thus it is in the interest of the CIA,Moss-ads and Mi Five to keep Nigerians fighting against each other.
    I do not believe Black Africans fully comprehend the evils of the white political system which is built on dominating Black Africans the world over.
    Nigerians!Wake up.Peace must come to Nigeria so that we could build a strong,collective and inclusive Nigeria without religious differences and military coups.

  2. I am in complete agreement with the above. I am not Nigerian but anyone who knows anything about that country and its people knows that if it was a stable, prosperous nation with competent, functioning governance, it would be one of the most powerful countries in the world. ‘Dark’ forces pretending to bring light are indeed at work in that country but Nigerians must rise up and take their place amongst the world’s greatest nations. You are amongst the smartest, bravest, most brilliant people on the planet – we see you. They fear you. But they cannot hold you down forever.

    • Thank You for the support,I do hope you are African so you can appreciate my concerns and deep seated resentment for those who continue to systematically undermine Nigeria and all of Africa .I only hope all Africans can rise to the occasion and bring powerful intellectual,business and social minds to the fore as a way of examining the root causes of African poverty with the intention of solving not only those problems in Nigeria but African problems the world over.
      For too long we have been guided by what the enemy has written about us,those who classified us into tribes for their own purpose and design to control our every move.
      From slavery to the so-called independence and republican status,African leaders have failed to examine the real problems and needs of Black Africans who need more than window dressing through European and US loans,not to forget those leaders who believe that the Communist/Socialist rhetoric will bring a justifiable end to the plight and misery of Black Africa the world over.
      It is time that all people with the hair like lam’s wool fully understand that we are one people who suffer the same indignation the world over.They brand us Black man and so they treat us all the same whether we are born in Africa Asia,Europe or America.We are hated never the less thus it is our sacred duty not to follow the ways of the white people unending but to examine the critical aspects of African culture with the sole intent of improving our results in every aspect of life.
      Nigeria like all other African countries are haunted by secularism, and tribalism;it is precariously poised thus the DARK FORCES within and without are busy making trouble in Nigeria knowing fully well that with Crude Oil and more.This nation could become the most powerful state in Africa.This is why there is so much evil in our land so that the Jews,Europeans,Americans and others could go into Nigeria under the pretext of fighting terrorism and take control of our wealth.
      The white world knows that it is running scarce on resources and will soon end up with paper money in its hands it can do little with so there is already a coined colonialists strategy designed to occupy all of Africa in the name of fighting terrorists. These so called terrorists are the same people the US,Europe and Israel have made in their attempt to bring about a storm before they go into Nigeria to bring about calm so as to control our wealth making a Nigerians subservient to them anyway.
      This is what my fellow Africans do not understand whether in leadership or are at the bottom scale of the African ladder.If our leaders understand their mission,it would be much easier for all of us to work toward a united,strong,powerful and well respected people the world over.

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