Invisible Jason Russell

CBC radio 1’s Jian Ghomeshi conducted a “rare” interview with Jason Russell of KONY2012 fame this week. Russell, who is on some kind of media tour (he indulged the most prominent British media outlet in an interview that was an embarrassment to that paper, a few days ago and now Canada of course) remains brazen in the face of the criticisms that likely caused his breakdown last year and is about as unreflective as any master of the universe would be. Listen here.

8 thoughts on “Invisible Jason Russell

  1. Trust Jian Ghomeshi to seek yet more attention by ‘indulging’ one of the biggest attention seekers on the planet. Eish!

  2. The Guardian will be very pleased to have been described as ‘the most prominent British media outlet’! It was a terrible interview. Having said that, ‘Invisible Child Boss Talks To The Mail Online in WORLD EXCLUSIVE’ would have been absolutely unbearable.

  3. More snark and cynicism from AIAC. One wonders when they will contribute something besides African football write-ups and sarcasm (the former being far more impressive).

  4. @AnniseW – to your right on this page you will notice numerous articles and Tweets that have nothing to do with African football. If you are looking for snark -, cynicism- smart- and/or criticism-free content about ‘more important’ topics such as KONY2012 (which would be ‘so last year’ if we could all just ignore Jason Russell), the CBC is a good bet.

  5. Jason Russell’s 2012 movie (it should be called a mockumentary) was fast and loose with the facts, but this is nothing new. He was talking about Kony being IN Uganda in 2009, when his company now admits that the LRA was fully out of Uganda in 2006. But if he were to recant his entire story, the cause he has invested so much time (and innocent teenagers’ money) in would be doomed. He has no-one to blame but himself for getting caught in a web of a thousand lies. For example, he should quit making false claims of “30,000” child soldiers in the present context, since the LRA now has 200-300 armed members at most. A simple “mea culpa” would make him look almost human – instead of the irrational media whore he appears to be. And journalists would be wise to do more research and not rallying behind invalidated causes.

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