Weekend Music Break

Pretty much all of this week’s artist are regular guests on the blog. First up: Pitcho. Remember him. Second, lifted from his ‘Jama ko’ record, here’s a Mali-shot video for Bassekou Kouyate: 

There’s Anbuley’s “pushing African music” even further into the future:

Nuru Kane (born Papa Nouroudine Kane, in Dakar) has got a new record out:

New video for Ian Kamau as well:

Marques Toliver & The Sometimes in the studio:

Zakwe gets help from Danger and Zuluboy on ‘Bathi Ngiyachoma’:

And Danish duo Okapii sent us through their new video for ‘Don’t mind the rain’, recorded in Barbados:


3 thoughts on “Weekend Music Break

  1. Anbuley, in visual style and futuristic sonic collage, reminds me of Angelique Kidjo. She was exactly tinkering with that sound until she matured out of it. See Batonga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duiyobfigfo
    Nuru Kane’s bluesy forays call to mind, who esle but the great Ali Farka Toure!
    Love the light quality (quality of the light ) of Malian videos. That reddish, earthy tone of the Sahel…

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