Weekend Bonus Music Break

“Halleluja.” Ghanaian-Swiss OY breaks down hair politics over some church loop. Next: Ghanaian-Canadian singer-songwriter Kae Sun’s ‘Ship and The Globe’, the debut single off his forthcoming LP “Afriyie”:

Chicago has its very own Shrine. Yasiin Bey + Hypnotic Brass Ensemble = Fela Kuti’s ‘Water No Get Enemy’ (H/T Okayafrica):

Shot in Arusha, Tanzania: Joh Makini and Dunga’s ‘Sijutii’:

From Senegal, a new video for Pape & Cheikh’s ‘Lonkotina’:

Sudan-born multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane (he has worked with groups like Yeasayer and Caribou; I blogged about him a long time ago). Is this first video off his new record “Mars” a Steve Miller tribute?

From Soweto, The Federation’s smart self-marketing halfway through their new video:

South Africans Spoek Mathambo, Okmalumkoolkat and braSolomon get the Ravi Govender-video-remix-treatment — CUSS TV-style:


This was the second of two Spoek music videos released in the space of a week. Here’s the second, earlier one:

Copenhagen-based duo Okapii say they’re trying to explore West African vibes “and other nice things” in ‘Don’t Mind the Rain’. Kinda see what they’re getting at. No video yet:

…not unlike Brussels-based Débruit (we’ve mentioned him before) who released another far-out but quite beautiful video to go with one of his tracks off “From the Horizon”–no prizes for recognising the samples:



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