Weekend Music Break

Got caught up in other stuff yesterday, so this week’s Bonus Music Break comes a day late. “Sister Deborah” Owusu-Bonsu calls herself a “creative hustler” and yes, she is the sister of FOKN Bois’s Wanlov the Kubolor, which helps explain the video above.

Yahkeem from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth (also known as the Nelson Mandela Metropole) in South Africa’s Eastern Cape:

E.L.’s “infusion of Japanese and Chinese culture with Ghanaian Azonto music” (H/T 25toLyf):

Serge Beynaud, working those Abidjan-Paris connections:

New Sexion d’Assaut. ‘Ballader’ (“taking a stroll on the Champs-Elysées”):

I’ve been listening to Staf Benda Bilili’s album ‘Bouger Le Monde’ a lot lately. It’s excellent:

From the archives (1974), taken from the “Soul Power” documentary, Miriam Makeba performs ‘Qongqothwane’:

Makeba introducing the song in French reminded me of a question I’ve asked elsewhere but to no success so far: between 1985 and 1990, and in between touring with Paul Simon, she lived in Brussels (in the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert area). I’ve never found the house she lived in. Anyone knows where exactly she stayed?

Now and then I browse the web looking out for work by the elusive cinematographer Kahlil Joseph. This video he did for Flying Lotus recently is sublime:

Lee Fields’s retro soul style (I’m a fan, of his live shows especially):

And Alabama Shakes got a new studio video out too:


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