Summer List: Paris is a Continent

What’s good in Paris this summer? Its airwaves of course. Featuring Kamelanc’ (born in Oujda, Morocco) and Atheena (representing Senegal) for example, with ‘Pas besoin’:

Or Orelsan (born in Alençon, France). ‘La terre est ronde’:

Kayna Samet’s (born in Nice, France) ‘Ghetto Tale Remix’ feat. Youssoupha (born in Kinshasa, DRC), Médine (representing Algeria) and Leck (Mokobé’s protegé):

Alonzo ( Kassim Djae d’origine comorienne, in Marseille, France). ‘Avoir une fille’:

Princess Sarah prefers autumn over summer:

Collectif Métissé’s (many nationalities here but based in Bordeaux) summer tune ‘Z dance’ (I wouldn’t mind if we forgot about it by autumn):

M.A.S ( Malik, representing Morocco) riffs off Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars’ ‘Mirror’ in his ‘Des regrets’:

Kenza Farah’s (born in Béjaïa, Algeria) ‘Quelque part’:

Tal (representing Yemen and Israel) featuring Mokobé (representing Mali) on ‘Je prend le large’:

And there’s Matt Houston’s (born in Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe) collaboration with Nigerian duo P-Square:

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