Friday Bonus Music Break

Quite the mixed bag this week. ‘Disco Malapaa’ by Arusha’s Jambo Squad above; nine more below.

Like Jambo Squad, Mokoomba (from Zimbabwe) switch into Latino mode halfway in their new video:

Anbuley’s ‘Oleee’ arrives just in time for European summer:

Also based in Europe, although his latest video (like the previous one) suggests a longing for elsewhere, is Gaël Faye:

Simphiwe Dana decided to take a step back from social media a while ago and concentrate on doing what she does best: speak truth through music:

Still in South Africa, taxis and drifters:

South Africa based poppy Cameroonian Denzyl:

From Guinea, the Matoto Family:

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars signed up for a cause:

And — to turn it down a notch — Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze wrote a subdued lament for Haiti — quite beautifully — and recorded a video for it in Gorée:


3 thoughts on “Friday Bonus Music Break

  1. Jamba Squad is great! One though, however: I don’t hear them as going into “Latino” mode at the midpoint — I hear them as going into Semba mode!! The prevalence of the piano sound nods toward Cuba but the pace, melody and harmonies are much more like the Zouk-derived music from the African side of the exchange. The repetition of the descending line with the chorusing interspersed along with the keyboard (“horn”) arrangement point straight to Angola for me. With this in my ear I’ll be spending the rest of my day listening to Kizomba.


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