Shameless self-promotion. Jumu’a: The Gathering

If you’re in Cape Town or Johannesburg this week, come watch my film ‘Jumu’a: The Gathering’ at the Encounters International Documentary festival. The film is centered around a few characters in Cape Town’s Murabitun community — Muslims who differ somewhat from Cape Town’s ‘traditional’ Islamic population. They follow a Scottish Shaykh, Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi, also known as Ian Dallas, whose teachings are based on the Maliki madhab, the school of thought of Imam Malik, one of the four leading figures in Sunni Islam, which is more commonly found in north Africa. A close-knit group of Shaykh Abdalqadir’s followers reside in the picturesque surfing town of Muizenberg. Young and hip, they manage to balance serious devotion with a modern lifestyle. Commissioned by SABC as part of their ‘Issues of Faith’ series, ‘Jumu’a’ is a window into the world of this little known way of life. The film was edited by Khalid Shamis, who also edited Afrikaaps and won Best Documentary at Encounters last year for ‘The Imam and I’.

Screening dates: in Cape Town today, 11 June at 6h30 pm at the Fugard Theatre and on Monday, 18 June at 8h30 pm at Nu Metro, V&A Waterfront (With a Q&A by myself and the cast). In Johannesburg: Saturday, 16 June at 4 pm at The Bioscope.

4 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion. Jumu’a: The Gathering

  1. This group who follow the heterodox Ian Dallas, is on a path of deviation, They have nothing to do with the Maliki Madhab, and it isi merely a coffee table recruit mechanism into the CULT,much like punk nose rings and oddities, or Goth black clothing are used by Taqwacore cults. These lost people slavishly follow Ian Dallas, “who is like the Messenger”, among the Murabitun community.They now call themselves the Qadiriyya Tariqa, and Ian Dallas, their POLE or AXIS around which the Universe rotate and without whom it will collapse! Clear deviation from Islam.

      • Agreed!such a cult!unislamic in every way…”they…balance serious devotion with a modern lifestyle”. Hocus Pocus. When the Islamic life is applied thoroughly, truthfully and utterly sincerely you never need to balance, everything falls into place.
        They seek to feed off wealth, contemporary muslims, looking for further enlightenment, people should ask the Sheikh where he stays…If you really want to help the poor and guid the misguided, your name-brands and R13 million house surely belie you mission.

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