Friday Bonus Music Break

Tchobari duo shot the video for ‘Quem Mandou? (Me Nascer)’ in Catambor, Luanda “to show a different side of our city”.

Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid were touring in Europe last month (I missed them — bad scheduling), and also flew by Réunion recently, doing some radio appearances while there. Which reminded me we hadn’t shared Sharpa’s latest ‘Heroes’:

Sharpa and Pure Solid share a stable with Driemanskap. Nice to see the latter making waves recently, and being quoted as an inspiration for the video (H/T Ts’eliso) of Lesotho-based Dunamis’s ‘Destiny’:

We never wrote about how it took the release of a Shangaan compilation album by a London label before some South African music critics took note of the genre’s existence; but that doesn’t mean we don’t dance to it:

Omar Sosa and Paolo Fresu played their take on Simon’s Graceland classic Live at Blue Note Milano earlier this year:

Always dependable Togolese-American Tabi Bonney releases a soccer/football themed video, alongside his dad!:

Since M.anifest came up with Y.O.L.A. (You only love Azonto!), here’s a mad one by Keche:

And finally, Sarkodie, Appietus and Kesse go on an Azonto fiesta for the weekend. If you’re in NY come celebrate here or here tonight!:


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