Diplo in the dock

Chief Boima (government name: Boima Tucker; and AIAC collective member) was invited to OPEN ARTI in Milan recently to talk about art and politics and to DJ. In the video of the event (above), Boima is joined by fellow DJ, Venus X (profiled here in The New York Times). AIAC gets some shout-outs. A lot of things get referenced: music and race, how we listen to music, Shakira, cumbia, hard style, LMFAO, David Guerra, Rihanna, etcetera. But the elephant in the room is Diplo, the famous DJ and tastemaker. It’s Venus who speaks frankly, and openly, about her run-ins with Diplo (he attacked her on Twitter after she objected to him recording her set and then bringing out a mixtape). Boima discussed the implications of the Venus-Diplo feud in this AIAC post. (At the time Diplo felt compelled to comment on the post; just scroll down.) In the video, Boima also gets to talk about that meeting with Diplo set up by Eddie ‘Stats’ Houghton (of Okayplayer/Large Up) in the wake of our post. This new video–given the viral quality of the web–will sure ignite this debate again.

Below are two other videos of Boima DJ’ing as part of the same series of events:

Video via Palm Wine.


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