Acoustic Guitar Break

We thought it would be nice to compile a Bonus Music Break centered on acoustic guitar music. First up is Toronto-based Ghanaian Kae Sun with “Lion on a Leash”:

Another Ghanaian: Kesse (made his breakthrough on Ghana’s version of American Idol) was profiled by The Fader last year:

Then there’s German-Nigerian Ayo:

And video of a 23 minute live set by Asa, France-based Nigerian (credits: “Fire on the Mountain,” “Mr Jailer,”), recorded in San Francisco:

Bez, the young Nigerian (remember him?) will be in New York City next week (Society HAE has the details)

You can’t say acoustic guitar music and not include Michael Kiwanuka, Ugandan-born British crooner. He is a big part of our regular Twitter #musicbreaks.

Stateside, there’s Cody ChesnuT. (BTW, while below he slows things down, I’ve seen him crank it up¬†with The Legendary Roots Crew):

And Gary Clarke Jnr with a stripped down version of my favorite tunes (remember him?)

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