Coke and cynicism

I won’t bother to unpack this commercial, but this is exhibit A for the case against uncritical boosterism and identity politics. Coca Cola Kenya hijacks “the Africa is booming” discourse to sell more soft drinks. Here’s their cynical sales pitch:

There are close to 1 billion people in Africa each with a reason to believe. Because Coca-Cola knows, understands, lives and breathes AFRICA, ONLY COCA-COLA can influence positive attitudes amongst AFRICANS by claiming its role AS the ICON OF HAPPINESS and the BEACON OF OPTIMISM.


4 thoughts on “Coke and cynicism

  1. “Per-capita consumption of Coke is also low in India and China, relative to the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, but those two continents present less of an opportunity for the company than Africa. China’s market, famously difficult for outsiders to navigate, is already crowded with competitors […] India drinks Coke, but loves Pepsi, too. In New Delhi, Pepsi (PEP) is so popular that the name is Hindi shorthand for soda of all kinds, even Coke. […] Africa, where Coke is the dominant brand, and where the middle class is just emerging, may offer a potentially greater payoff.”

  2. It doesnt matter who delivers the message, whether it’s Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, the United Nations…the point is:

    Don’t be a tool!
    Celebrate Africa!

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