Friday Bonus Music Break

Mali’s on our mind. Mostly because of the confusion. Reports from Bamako abound, while there’s still very little information available from the north. Malian artists in the diaspora, it seems, are as confused. (Check Mokobe’s site for example.) Earlier this week, Tuareg band Tamikrest gave a shoutout to “our friend” Ben Zabo. (Is it true what his European label says? Is this “the first album ever to be released by a Malian of Bo descent”?) His hommage to Dounaké Koïta:

While we’re waiting for their new album to be released (later this year, if all goes well), South African Driemanskap made time to record another video, this time for ‘Ivamna’, still off their debut album:

Nomadic Wax keeps working hard to push hip hop from Zimbabwe. They’ll even shoot a video in Washington DC for it. (And, for the record, in Harare.) Dumi RIGHT, Outspoken and MC Pep:

A week after first seeing this video (on This is Africa’s page), I still think this is one of the wildest songs I’ve heard in a long time. I also believe we’ll get to hear many more ‘Facebook’-titled tracks in the future. Not just from Senegal. Eumeudi Badiane, Wally Seck and Abou Thioubalo:

And to slow things down, Guinean Ba Cissoko live in Paris. ‘Politiki’:


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