The coup against democracy in Mali

From a writer friend:

Here’s video of the coup announcement in Mali. Ridiculous. The screen is dark at first — they were having technical difficulties — but the image appears after 30 seconds or so. See the scene. As for the speech, it’s the usual pompous nonsense, poorly delivered by a junior officer out of his depth.

From a Malian friend:

In the last couple of hours, power has been usurped for a second time in our history by the military. They have overthrown the democratically-elected incumbent president who had a month left in office on his second and last term. We were preparing to vote on scheduled presidential elections in April …it’s a crushing blow to the democracy we built since the 1991 revolution which was won with the blood of 300+ students, trade union leaders and citizens protesting the 23 years of military rule of General Moussa Traore.

And here’s the second declaration, a short time ago. This one is briefer and given by Capt Sanogo who is the head of the junta:

More later.

2 thoughts on “The coup against democracy in Mali

  1. That is most certainly a video of a nervous and very stressed solider. Apparently Capt.Sanogo has trained with international professional soldier corps. I hope that some of these erstwhile mentors step up now to provide advisory roles in demilitarizing Mali and peackeeping so the people can realize the social improvements he claims to want.

  2. The timing tells me that it will be a very long time before Mali sees democratic elections again.
    Let’s hope that the rest of the world in general and Africa in particular shut these megalomaniacs out of world affairs totally. Comprehensive sanctions are to be implemented as soon as possible.

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