Friday Music Bonus Edition

Five for the weekend. First up, via AfriPOP!, Nomsa Mazwai’s new video for her song ‘Nguwe.’ (The video comes with a translation.) Then, Vox Sambou (below) and The Narcicyst tell how they read ‘Article 14’ and its relation to Haiti’s recent history (channeling Noam Chomsky).

The French presidential elections keep the local artists entertained. This is how Nëggus sees them:

In the following video, YaoBobby and friends (who, like Nëggus, are based in Paris) first chat (in French…for 5 minutes) about the ideas behind and the making of his latest album, Histoires d’un Continent. After which they play a 15 minutes showcase:

Finally, Brooklyn’s Santigold performing ‘Disparate Youth’ at the FADER Fort at the SXSW in Austin, Texas, now less known for its music and debates than for obnoxious media stunts:

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