#Kony2012 the musical

We want to step off #Kony2012 (we promise to lay off them by this weekend), but we could not let this one pass. We know that Jason wants a career in musical theater. The writers of British broadcaster and satirist Charlie Brooker’s nightlyweekly commentary on Channel 4’s weekly satire show ’10 O’Clock Live’ spent some time looking at Invisible Children’s videos on Vimeo and Youtube and found plenty musical theater among the 274 videos (at last count) the group has posted online.

The first video, 2006’s “Global Night Commute: A Musical to Believe” shows Jason (described by Brooker as “a clean-cut Abercrombie and Finch version of Jesus Christ”) and company “dancing around Glee-like in a high school like a boy band.” Brooker adds that the video “must have cost what even the Bible would describe as a bumload of cash.” Watch from the 1:40 mark:

Then there’s the 2007 “World Tour Blazing Trials Again” showing actors riding around on a minivan miming to pop lyrics “without a single mention of Africa the entire four minutes.”

Next up is “Jump First, Fear Later” from 2009, “a cult like video” with their followers leaping “like a lemming pack” off a cliff, which, “once again cleverly raises awareness of Uganda, by never once mentioning Uganda.”

And finally, “at least Invisible Children doesn’t also organise vaguely ominous youth camp events for its followers which hint at them all — I don’t know — rising up to usher in some kind of New World Order, all topped off with a sinister logo.” Uh-oh. This is Invisible Children’s “Fourth Estate”, complete with some kind of bizarre Australian-cum-English-cum-Californian accent doing the voiceover. (Is it Russell Crowe?) Help!

Watch Charlie Brooker’s full #Kony2012 commentary here.

H/T: Mikko Kapanen; Neelika Jayawardane and Elliot Ross contributed to this post.


12 thoughts on “#Kony2012 the musical

  1. Dear Lord…

    One small correction, the piece comes from Charlie Brooker’s segment on the weekly satire show ’10 O’Clock Live’, which is indeed on Channel 4. I imagine it would have been researchers that did some of the digging, but I can say almost with certainty Brooker writes it himself – he has a very distinctive way with words (See his weekly columns for the Guardian)!

  2. Speaking as an Australian, it’s not an Australian or New Zealand voice-over in the Vimeo 4th Estate video. It has to be either one of the more obscure UK accents (lets face it, travel a 10 miles and the accents in the UK change drastically – think Posh Spice versus Sporty Spice, for example) *OR* it could be an American actor putting on what they think is an English accent. I can’t tell. Maybe a Brit knows more! Am curious too!

  3. There’s an important piece of evidence trail here – IC is maintaining it’s whiter-than-white, “stop-at-nothing” crusade, however in the 48 hours since one of their number has lost the plot, they’ve (by other accounts) stopped blog entries on their website, and commenced editing the 3rd party blog comments that they have. This page here indicates that two IC videos that have been highlighted either here to on other current affairs media, have now been effectively switched off, by being marked private.

    The chronology appears to be:
    Visible on March 14th, March 15th,
    Not Visible by March 16th.

    IC is behaving like an organisation with plenty to hide, steadily removing some information and censoring posts on their controlled websites. Yet the PR juggernaut of IC’s exclusive righteousness rolls on – “stop at nothing”.

    (And, no idea what that Aussie-like accent really is – I’ve lived in Sydney all my life and it’s very close, except that it keeps wandering into other weird overtones of South African or european or… who knows.)

  4. I love how the very people that have a globalist agenda and want the tyranny of the ruling class make a video exposing class consciousness. Referring to the french revolution and its 3 “estates”. I wonder if its to evoke emotion

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