Music Break. Gaël Faye

Bujumbura-born Gaël Faye (you know him from the Paris hip hop outfit Milk Coffee & Sugar) returned to Burundi to record this video with singer Francis Muhire for ‘Petit Pays’ (a first single off his upcoming ‘autobiographic’ album). It’s an ode to that ‘small country’, with the images pushing some safe buttons (happy kids and green rolling hills), but Faye’s French parlando is quite beautiful, his mind floating between the Burundi of his past, the Rwanda of his mother and the France of his father.

2 thoughts on “Music Break. Gaël Faye

  1. I am a huge fan of Milk Coffee and Sugar so my issue is with the directing of a very beautiful song. How someone who is not familiar with Bujumbura or Africa would interpret the images of his video that repeats the trope of an infantile, poor, savage, natural, exotic Africa so popular in Western media?
    Well it could be that this Kony 2012 has made me sensitive to images about Africa, but great song. I guess I will play it without looking at the video.

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