Mike Epps’s African Jokes

Remember Mikko’s post on African Jokes? Comedian Mike Epps, a few days before he threatened his daughter with violence, gets some cheap laughs at the expense of Nigerians on late night US television.* Host Conan O’Brien gently guides him away.

* Btw, Epps is merely repeating an old trope among African American comedians that some people find funny and leave others cringing.

4 thoughts on “Mike Epps’s African Jokes

  1. Ignorance like this doesn’t even make me react anymore. I don’t expect much from a comedian like Mike Eppes in any form whatsoever. I would be curious to hear Dave Chapelle’s take on this given how he spent some time in Africa not as a celebrity.

  2. well, the blow dart joke is funny, because it makes fun of the idea that Africans are still tribal savages. The Nigerians are crooks is not, its just repeating a tired old stereotype

  3. He clearly did not go to Nigeria because guns we have! The dart joke is kinda funny, but at the same time it just shows a level of ignorance. African Americans get pissed when they are stereotyped as cant holding down a job being in jail all the time and romantizice the motherland. They get pissed that Africans dont embrace their long lost brothers or share the same nostalgia but the truth is that AA are just as foreign to Africa as a white person or any other foreigner. Their concept of Africa is sometimes just as limited. Personally I just think Mike Epps’s delivery of the joke fell flat because its Mike Epps. Dave Chappelle Jamie Fox and Eddie Murphy have all taken shots at Africa and it just came off better because they are really intelligent comedians. I know he is making a joke but it comes off more as an ignorant statement with him. Foxx would have delivered that joke way better. Even Conan isnt laughing.

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