Black Bazar

Alain Mabanckou’s 2009 novel Black Bazar spoke successfully to and about the African diaspora in France, their daily hustle, fashion, style and language. All through the eyes of the Congolese migrant nicknamed ‘Fessologue’, sapeur and pub philosopher, and arguably the author’s alter ego. As a follow-up to the novel, Mabanckou now has produced an ambitious music album (“trying to change the way in which African music is perceived,” he says) with Congolese musicians Modogo Abarambwa and Sam Tshintu. Other contributing artists come from Cuba, Colombia, Cameroon, the DRC, Congo-Brazzaville and Senegal. The above music video shows us what to expect (and Mabanckou gets his cameo).


5 thoughts on “Black Bazar

  1. I really enjoy Mabanckou’s work, and would love to see the film version of “Black Bazar, not available here. ” I wish he were more known in the States (he does teach here, after all!). Can only find a lot of his books outside of this country, and not all of them are translated.

    His books are so rich — funny and smart deconstructions of Europeans, Africans, and Haitians. The Fessologue will explain everything to you! Plus, I started reading Dany Laferriere, because this is a generous author who leads you to authors.

  2. this is avery good project from a man who is always in check with our culture .
    Alain good job
    Fanfan Tabou Combo

    • Dear Fanfan, I would like to thank you a lot for BLACK BAZAR. Also, Anne (d’Hervé) send an email to Alain Mabanckou and I about your enthousiasm for Black Bazar Music project. Best regards. Thanks a lot. Caro’
      ps : Black Bazar will play at the New Morning – Paris ; June 29th. Last video show :

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