Pepe Reina and the shagging African cannibals

Pepe Reina, Liverpool and Spain’s national team goalkeeper, is a spokesperson for the Spanish multinational insurance company Groupama Seguros. In a new TV ad, Reina lands up in a jungle where a blackfaced chief claims Reina as his wife. You get the joke: it’s supposed to be a play on Reina’s last name which translates as “Queen”. Haha. After complaints about its offensive nature, Groupama Seguros pulled the ad, but denied it was in any way offensive. As OBV reports, Groupama Seguros released a statement saying it “… does not consider that this advert contains either offensive nor any discriminatory content.” As my man Davy Lane asks: “It’s all animals and cannibals and wild shagging in Africa. Racist, small minded fools all over the shop in Spanish advertising and marketing circles? A reflection of racist Spanish society?” It also makes you wonder what goes on in the club house at Liverpool Football Club. I’ll refrain from commenting on the comments on Youtube where viewers are asking how this could be racist.

Via Davy Lane.


3 thoughts on “Pepe Reina and the shagging African cannibals

  1. I guess they were going for a retro feel from the 1880s. Racism is an entirely different color (heh) in Hispanoamerica and Brazil (includes Spain and Spanish-speaking countries). Yes, Spain has Africa really close by, and in Latin America there was very extensive and deep mestizaje, but strangely, that did not end racism. It remained intact in strength, it just changed form. It simply meant that you could have racist sisters or brothers (literally, of blood) pitted against each other, with the lighter one humiliating the other. This inner-family dynamic is a perfect analogy for what happens at the community, local and national levels, as palpable and visible in politics, arts, media, etc.

  2. WTH, whoever thinks this is racist is racist! Do you only expect to see beautiful African girls and kids in middle class homes on ads? I wont mind if the company portrayed traditional settings of a Spanish village, Asian Village, a Bedouin in their tent in equal measure to pass their message across. If you feel that the portrayal of Africans in similar settings is racist then you regard African culture, which we are very proud of, as too embarrassing and backward to be on TV ads. Therefore you are racist,even if you try very hard to be open minded.

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