BBC’s Special Focus on Africa

To mark 80 years of international broadcasting, the BBC World Service is hosting a day of live programming today. And we’re part of it. During the 5-6pm time slot (that’s 5-6pm GMT; 12-1pm EST) Focus on Africa will take a look at “the creative energy and entrepreneurship coming out of Africa.” Some topics up for discussion are: Whether the world still needs an international broadcaster; What is the role of the BBC?; What are the stories the BBC should cover, and the voices you should hear?; What values and ideas do we all share, and are these the same as our audience?

Sean Jacobs will be guest editing the program (and repping Africa is a Country), looking at the role social media has played in news reporting. He will be joined by blogger Tomi Oladepo.

Twitter handles to follow and participate in the discussion are @BBCAfrica, @BBCAfricaHYS, @bbcworldservice and @AfricasaCountry.

* Update: you can now listen to a recording of the program here.


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