Germany has a version of GQ magazine

A woman in Germany removes her clothes and poses for a magazine photographer with her famous boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s father happens to be Tunisian and the pictures are reprinted in Tunisia. Three journalists are arrested in Tunis and charged with “violating public morals by publishing a nude photograph.” It would be fair to say that in post-Ben Ali Tunisia, nudity provokes a wide-range of responses. The boyfriend in this story happens to be Real Madrid’s German midfielder Sami Khedira, and the girlfriend is Lena Gercke, a model.

Presumably, it’s not the photograph of the goateed Khedira loafing around shirtless on a sofa in tight white pants (below) that has caused the stramash, but the one, above, from the cover of German GQ in which Gercke is wearing nothing at all while Khedira, standing behind her in a natty tux, has helpfully deployed what can only be described as a one-armed hand-bra.

My initial hope was that the Tunisian police were simply expressing their dismay at the old fully-clothed-man-with-stark-naked-woman magazine-cover cliché, and might demand that in future shoots Khedira should show off even more of his sculpted chest. Sadly it seems their beef was with Gercke’s nakedity alone, and they don’t see that the hand-bra makes any difference.


3 thoughts on “Germany has a version of GQ magazine

  1. Um.. If Sami wants to show his flat chest he’s got Men’s health for that.I don’t think this is what those blokes had in mind when they voiced their concerns.There is nothing wrong people asking for a sexy yet classy pic sans gratuitous nudity , GQ is no playboy. she need’t wear a gown.Lena Gercke looks like Charlisse Turon.

  2. You are 100% right about that. I love people who pretend to understand German.The cover itself has about 40% of english words in it .All they have to do is some guess work.

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