Friday Music Bonus Edition

So drawn into the video (a plethora of faces, personalities and historic moments) Atlanta trio Algiers made for ‘Blood’, I forgot to pay attention to the lyrics the first time seeing it:

Yanigga recorded the video for ‘Dans un ghetto près de chez toi’ (“In a ghetto near you”) in Logbaba (Douala, Cameroon):

Fatoumata Diawara’s been busy touring since releasing her first album last year. Translation of her lyrics on ‘Sowa’ can be found here. Unplugged in Holland:

Michael Kiwanuka’s song ‘I’m Getting Ready’ comes with a new video:

That new video (we blogged about here) for K’Naan’s “Nothing to lose” featuring Nas, shot in Toronto. The video, in which Nas, K’Naan and an entourage of young Somali-Canadians, includes a visit to the Somali Social Club and K’Naan making a plug for countries in the Horn of Africa:

And, finally, AIAC favorite and Nas collaborator Damian Marley’s latest ‘Affairs of the heart’:

2 thoughts on “Friday Music Bonus Edition

  1. Guys, you really need to bring back the previous page link or make it easier to browse the archives on this blog. It’s just gotten bloody annoying to do since the remodeling.
    Nice vid though.

  2. @smbah: We’re working on kinks in the design (it’s a prefab template that takes a minute to figure out) esp the previous page link. For now, we’ll add a widget for the archive on the right of the front page.

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