Shameless Self-Promotion: Sean talks ANC on Al Jazeera

This week 100 years ago, South Africa’s current ruling party, the African National Congress or ANC was born. It would go on to dominate resistance politics against Apartheid. Many assume today’s ANC is very different from that of its founders or its high points in the 1950s and later through the 1980s and 1990s. “Does South Africa’s ruling ANC still fight for the same values it championed 100 years ago?” was the theme for Al Jazeera English program, “The Stream” yesterday. The producers invited me help answer this and other questions about the ANC so I traveled down to Washington D.C. The show is presented by Derek Ashong. (Remember him? He has other talents too) He was joined by guest host Latoya Patterson (she’s also a blogger at Racialicious). The show is live, fast paced and incorporates social media. Unfortunately technical difficulties meant it was hard to hear the inputs of the other 2 guests–Keith Khoza, ANC spokesperson, and journalist and commentator Karima Brown– linked to the studio via Skype. The video, above, of the show also includes a 10-minute post-show which was streamed online after the TV channel returned to its regular programming. It’s riveting stuff.

Thanks to producer Melissa Giaimo for inviting me.

Oh, and my wife takes credit for suggesting I wear the nice pink shirt.

* With that we’re open for blogging in 2012.


One thought on “Shameless Self-Promotion: Sean talks ANC on Al Jazeera

  1. I laughed when the ANC spokesperson said the ANC remains a “pro-poor” organization. I don’t know if Al Jazeera streams in SA, but I would have loved to watch the reaction of people in shantytowns to that comment.

    Zuma is not just an embarrassment to SA, but to all of Africa.

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