R.I.P. Cesária Évora

This morning, Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora passed away in Mandelo, São Vicente, the island were she was born. One of the many meanings of “Sodade” — that most difficult to translate Creole word — is a feeling of loss.

6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Cesária Évora

  1. Thanks Tom for such a quick reaction… Yes we’ll miss her but never forget her. I have been lucky to introduce her to the US audience with her first live gig in LA. We had to struggle to get her to answer the journalists questions with more than one word and to wear shoes to walk around ! Imagine the efforts and work she has done to adapt so quickly and run this her fast moving professional career !!! She can rest now.

  2. Oxi Tem Um Salensiu. Diskansa Em Paz Nos Bunitu Crioula; Nos Cape Verdean “Bare Foot Diva” Cesaria Evora. Com Muchos Besos E Amor; Sempre Um Admiradoro D’ Sua Musika! ♥ 8/27/1941-12/17/2011 ♥.

  3. I breaks my heart to see her pass away. A spirit like her deserves a longer life. Her music aches with saudade but on a coladeira there is joy in abundance. Bless the French fans for helping put her on the map, I’ll be doing a remembrance on my KCRW show tomorrow.

  4. Rest assure, she will live on eternally through her music played in our hearts..
    I play her in the house for myself, my family, i will present her to my children and eventually my grandchildren while there is life in me.. she lives.

  5. Olipa onni, että meillä oli Cesaria Evora, en voisi muuten kuunnella hänen uskomatonta ääntään. Siitä kiitoksen sanon ja ilon kannan kaunneimman. Kiitos Cesaria Evora!

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