Paris is a Continent, N°1

What do the masses listen to in Paris? I’ve promised to do an occasional round-up of what’s popular on the streets and on phones (and in car stereo systems) of the French capital. Here’s round one. It’s a smooth, R&B ride:

First up, live footage of Monsieur Nov, the “bald Chinese” (his first album, “Sans dessus de Soul,” is her favorite):

Awa Imani, the daughter of a Guinean singer father and Senegalese dancer mother, has been singing since she was 9.  She was first noticed when she performed on the single “Celebration,” with 113 (featured on this blog) and the actor Jamel Debouzze, where she sang the hook:

Then there’s Isleym, a 16 year old singer discovered (thanks to Nessbeal) for the song “A chaque jour suffit sa peine”:

Now she’s working on her own album. The first song named “Avec le temps”:

Leila is a is a Canadian singer (like the male crooner Corneille; also big in France). This is the video for her song, “Passeport”:


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