Moscow Hair

Yes, this is about football.

FIFA’s website go a bit overboard with the cheap elephant references in a profile of Cote d’Ivoire national team player Seydou Doumbia. (The Ivorian national team is known as the Elephants. Get it.) They also can’t stop themselves with how he is a “warm an likeable African,” a “potent African,” etcetera. There’s also this piece of news about the Russian capital, where Doumbia plays for CSKA Moscow (they’re up against Inter Milan tonight):

All in all, the player is thoroughly enjoying life in the east European mega-city, but Doumbia still has one specific problem.

“Moscow is a fantastic city, and you can have a wonderful life here. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a hair stylist worthy of the name, but I’m not really complaining,” grinned the man who has never been afraid to experiment with his haircut.

Any of our users who happen to know of a top-notch hair designer in Moscow should let the amiable Ivorian know at once. He’ll thank you and never forget you – but that’s the way it is with elephants.

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