Wole Soyinka on Robert Mugabe

An except from a speech in June at the New York Public Library in which the great writer Wole Soyinka links Harlem’s Father Divine, the Yoruba diety Shango, Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vender who set himself on fire thus triggering a people’s revolution earlier this year, the now-deposed Laurent Gbagbo, and finally, Robert Mugabe, who is “still riding it out on his own wall, blotting out the horizon for others with his grossly inflated ego.”

The full lecture here.

Via Bombastic Elements


3 thoughts on “Wole Soyinka on Robert Mugabe

  1. bullshit bra,Mugabe saved our nation from the humiliation of being linked to the corrupt,capitalistic and undemocratic American nation which is waging wars against every oil rich nation.Bush murdered Saddam,but who had put Saddam in power?America.Obama and NATO murdered Qaddhafi and now Libya is fucked.America is more broke than Zimbabwe and owes large suns of cash to China and to its Federal Bank thus is trying to acquire funds through warsIf you assume that the west is better than Mugabe check out the statistics of people jobless,homeless,the hungry,those abused by the law in America and then in Zimbabwe before u spit nonsense on the net.

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