Jadakiss and the King of Swaziland

Who advised the rapper Jadakiss to take this trip (recounted in this promotional video shot by his people; watch from about 5:50) to Swaziland where he went to perform at a “fundraiser” for Swaziland’s royal family. As we know the royal family really needs the money. This is the same royal family whose king, Mswati III, paid for a US$6.3 million shopping trip by his wives to Asia in 2009; Swaziland is a country where about two-thirds of the people live in abject poverty, and more than a quarter of the adult population has AIDS. Oh, and the money from the national treasury for his family’s upkeep is equal to the education budget. So who paid for Jadakiss’ trip? I know the Swazi people weren’t happy about this. In fact, they asked him to leave and boycotted his show.


4 thoughts on “Jadakiss and the King of Swaziland

  1. It’s so shameful. And why Jadakiss, of all the (US) rappers? It’s embarrassing to even hear him speak. Where are the New African leaders and if they (ever) come, will they do better, get past the greed and materialism? Always trying to imitate the West…. *smh*

  2. why so hard on Jada? Hes was hired to perform. .and he did. . .I speak as an African American man & hip hop Mc; we should embrace this as a start of a bridge between resources. American & African resources; whether time, talent, cash funds or otherwise a positive intentions can go a long way. As an American Hip hop Artist. . .I would love to perform in Swaziland or any place in Africa where the funds raised could benefit the people. .i am willing to help . . . .any takers??

    email me at RespectChicago@gmail.com

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