‘The Ghetto Cinderellas’

The Williams sisters are playing Wimbledon this year. Flemish newspaper De Morgen is pretty excited about it. So excited, in fact, that the front page of this weekend’s sports section headlines: “The Ghetto Cinderellas are back.” Meanwhile, German newspaper, Die Welt decided to interpret the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA Finals win as a triumph of Europe over “ghetto basketball.”

2 thoughts on “‘The Ghetto Cinderellas’

  1. That’s really bold! From the attacks over in England with the secret service. They don’t want them to win. They’re like Tiger Woods who was taken down by a racist jew and threatened. Yeah, people didn’t get that memo. Just a bunch of crap about all these white girls many of whom were PAID to say they slept with him.
    I did a video about him and warned the Williams sisters would be next. Global racism around the world means that when Blacks do something out of their warped stereotypes of us, they loose their minds.

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