This is Freedom

In Helen Zille’s Western Cape, MTV is currently filming, “Clifton Shores,” a reality TV series about a group of mostly white, young people (four Americans and three South Africans “who serve as their guides to life in a new country”) predictably working for an events company and “having fun” in Clifton, a wealthy district of Cape Town on the other side of Table Mountain. The producers promise that Cape Town, “… a new and exotic location for US audiences,” has “European style and African spirit in equal abundance,” and that the show “… will showcase the glamorous lifestyle of Cape Town’s rich and fabulous.”

More information here and here.  If you can bear it, you can watch the trailer here .

H/T: Stephen Sparks


32 thoughts on “This is Freedom

  1. i hope its just a joke by Monty Pythons Flying Circus…..sort of like the fat man in the restaurant in the “meaning of life”….has to be….unless its a plot by a terrorist group to lure unsuspecting Neo -Liberal Americans to their doom….

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