A Fine Mess

Bangs, the Australian rapper of Sudanese descent, who has made mediocrity into an art form, makes a mess of Christmas. (By the way, if you blink, you might not notice that’s him riffing off Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story”). Of course, the video will viral.

4 thoughts on “A Fine Mess

  1. I disagree. I think Bangs is cool and I like the video. Hes doing more than alot of people out here and people really like him so there

  2. the music’s ridiculous we all know that, but i read somewhere that the proceeds will be going to a charity that helped him when he first moved to Australia as an asylum seeker. So good for him for giving back!

  3. Why are Africans always so negative towards Bangs? I don’t get it. The kid made it out of the Sudan and is trying to do something with his life AND its working! What’s wrong w/that? Btw the song is actually pretty good.

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