The Internets

That’s the only way to explain the “career” of  the really bad rapper, Bangs (Sudan-born, Australian-based), that includes doing TV commercials, being mocked as “The 11th Hottest Rapper in the Game,” getting interviewed by hip hop journalists, and having a distribution deal.

Here‘s some background if you missed this mess.  And Bangs, who mimics 50 Cent (check his laugh), is in on the joke as we can see in his breakout video “Take U to the Movies,” from last year as well as in the video, above, for his latest effort.  Meet me on Facebook.

Sean Jacobs

4 thoughts on “The Internets

  1. @Kim: You’re right. That said I think that’s how he is laughing at us.

    However, my final sentence is deliberately written that way: it was more a comment than anything else.

    Good luck with the new job (saw on the hyperlink)!

  2. thanks, I’m thrilled. I’ve actually been poring over Africa Is a Country to come up with some great music and film to intersperse throughout this semester of teaching. Brilliant stuff you have here, really!

    p.s. my telling you that you misquoted him was my way of making a joke. sometimes the interwebs fail at conveying my humor.

  3. Sean,

    I read your blog.

    Its interesting. You listed numerous accomplishments on Bangs’ behalf. Most artists, rappers, people at the age of 20 haven’t done half of what Bangs has and wish they could.

    Bangs has overcome adversity and hatred to do what he likes to do. He is living his dream.

    I do not see any of that reflected in your Blog, one would think that would be the underlying tone here especially on Africa Connects.

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