Bono does something right

You know we give Bono a lot of grief on this site, but in this commercial for the ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 World Cup, he is on point. And he speaks the truth. Did I just say that. In this case of course.

* BTW, ESPN has put a lot of money into promoting the World Cup.  It is also worth checking out the short “32 Teams, 1 Dream” videos presented by Beninous actor Djimon Hounsou for ESPN. I particularly like the ones for the six African qualifiers: South Africa, Cameroon, NigeriaCote d’Ivoire (I know the myth of Drogbacite continues) Ghana and Algeria.  What is striking about some of the team profiles are how political, or progressive, they are: Take the Algeria one where Hounsou brings up the Algerian war of independence and in the Honduras video where he basically condemns the coup against the democratically elected president.

7 thoughts on “Bono does something right

  1. While I love the fact that ESPN is making progressive pieces in support of African nations, the fact that its exercising its copyright protections and blocking these videos from showing on youtube here (Uganda) seems to undercut the point…

  2. @mart: spelling mistake. Merci @drebellious.

    @johan: that’s too bad. But someone must have reposted it for you to view it in Uganda. Search Youtube.

  3. Any chance you could transcribe the ad for us? I’m in South Africa and can’t watch the YouTube clip because ESPN has blocked it for users outside of the States (I assume…)

  4. Basically it’s a voice-over of Bono accompanying stock video of war, people protesting, famine, elections, tattoos of Che, American flags, etc saying: “It is not about politics, religion or the economy, trade, … global warming, … GDP … Nato, he said. she said … [fill in your politics or something you disagree with] … This is about the one month every 4 years when we all agree about one thing … 32 nations, one world watching …”

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