A friend (he’s a filmmaker himself) emailed me his opinion about “Invictus,” the film in which Nelson Mandela conspires with Matt Damon to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup and absolve white people from all responsibility for wealth and privilege amassed under Apartheid:

I saw Invictus … I just wanted to tell you that from a filmmaker’s perspective I thought the story was not well-developed and the characters lacked dramatic arc where they have doubts, grow, learn etc. I enjoyed the acting, but was not satisfied with the script and the film overall. It was missing on the side of the drama and felt more like a docu-drama as opposed to a strong drama with an engaging storyline. And thus, in that way, it was disappointing

One thought on “REVIEW / “INVICTUS”

  1. I finally saw Invictus last night. I agree with what your filmmaker friend has said. I would also like to raise a concern about the representation of Chester, the colored teammate who was definitely cast as black man in the film. This is a continuing problem with Hollywood films about apartheid SA, they stick to the simple black/white dichotomy, never addressing the roles other “groups” had in the struggle.
    I saw Mos Def perform a free concert in Mitchell’s Plain last April. To a crowd of predominantly colored people, he kept throwing out old struggle references; black consciousness, Steve Biko, etc. – the crowd was NOT buying it. I thought at one point I heard crickets. Because of pop media, the discourse on apartheid has been a black/white struggle. Is this why Mos was inclined to do these things? Did he automatically associate “township” with black struggle? I’m still concerned that his “first visit to SA” wasn’t what he thought it’d be…

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