Video Evidence: Swahili heard on BET

… And it was not on a program about wildlife.

BET, the American music and reality TV channel is not usually associated with cosmopolitanism, so when the Tanzanian rapper, Gsan (from the legendary crew, XPlastaz), turned up on the BET Hip Hop Awards broadcast rapping in Swahili, I was shocked. As part of the awards show the producers pre-recorded a series of cyphers. Like the one above with DJ Premier (remember him together with Guru?), KRS-One, Wale, Nipsey Hussle and, of course, Gsan.

There he is at 1:31 holding his own.



One thought on “Video Evidence: Swahili heard on BET

  1. Beautiful rhymes from XPlastaz

    Ni safari na muziki

    Tunakwenda na hatufiki…

    I long for the day when African-American youth take an interest in the continent’s contemporary culture

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