Neoliberalism for dummies

The best 10 minutes of free education you can get from a white guy in a white coat using a blackboard, a pump, a balloon and a wood contraption to explain neoliberalism.


10 thoughts on “Neoliberalism for dummies

  1. I think this should be shown in schools for it effects all of us especially our children who are our future…. If the high schools young dults understood this they would get just as pissed off asd we all do and maybe make a difference in the future……

  2. Africa stay away from neolibs! this movie proves how they messed around in Latin America already back then in 70ties:

  3. Missing some key facts. Like, taxes go to government, and the government pays those taxes to big businesses and banks, and buys votes from the people with the small change!! Wake up, people! How did America do in the 1800s before taxes and welfare? How about in the 1930s, when the (private!) ‘Federal’ Reserve Bank started controlling things?

  4. GREAT! easy to comprehend- not sure which way to go. We definitely pay to much tax to support too many unemployed people. What incentive does a single mother have to work if she can get almost $500 a week on a pension, if she were to work daycare would cost more than that. So I dont agree that the workers should be supporting these people. What about equity regardless of class? so why dont we all get $500 a week to play with?

  5. WOW…I am nowhere near a neoliberal viewpoint. I love equity and equality and see my views move toward progressives. Most people don’t really need incentive to work, they need opportunity to earn enough to meet designed government (the peoples constitution) necessities i.e. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; with resources left over to save for retirement, vacations, family outings, replacement of clothing, shoes, furniture, vehicles, helping children pass successfully into adulthood, and not worry about healthcare, and education costs. My views are affected by two constants: I work with poor, marginalized, children and families; and I have been affected by healthcare costs and education costs of which I will not rebound before my death, which takes from my children, and my community.

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